Initial Paperwork

Prior to your consultation with the doctor, you will be asked to complete some brief paperwork that will give the doctor a synopsis of your health history.  This assists the doctor in more accurately making his diagnosis.
Initial Consultation


Initial Consultation

At McAfee Chiropractic, we offer a complimentary consultation whereby the doctor will personally review your case to determine if you are a good candidate for care in our office.  If he determines, based on the patient history and clinical experience, that you are a good candidate for care, he will then perform a thorough exam of the spine and extremities.  If he determines that you are not a good candidate for care, he will then refer you to an appropriate specialist.

Insurance Accepted & Payment Plans

We are in-network providers for most health insurance plans, including but not limited to BCBS, United Healthcare, and Medicare. We do file all insurances.  We are also in-network with all Auto Accident insurances and Worker’s Compensation Insurances.  We strive to have highly affordable rates and flexible payment plans allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family.


After the initial consultation and exam, the doctor may recommend X-ray studies to better enable him to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition.  Same-day, on-site Digital X-ray services are available and are covered by most insurance plans.

Home Instructions

As part of the treatment plan, the doctor will give instructions for home care. This may include ice or heat instructions, home exercises, or the avoidance of certain activities or positions.  Home-care is an essential part of any treatment plan, assisting the doctor in making lasting improvements to the spine.

Keep Your Appointments

Each adjustment builds on the ones before. Your care recommendations are based on the success we have seen with our patients in our office. Since every patient is different, we have designed your program of care to fit your specific needs for optimal results. It is important to maintain the schedule and treatment program Dr. McAfee has set up for you.

My first visit everyone was very nice and helpful. Dr. McAfee was extremely nice and explained everything.

Marilyn O’Neal

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