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McAfee Chiropractic is proud to be serving Parker County and the surrounding since 2011. We are committed to providing exceptional care for you and your family. Chiropractic care can be beneficial for many people with a variety of heath conditions. Even those relatively healthy individuals with few, if any, health conditions can benefit from chiropractic. We take pride in helping patients achieve their maximum health potential through gentle, safe and effective chiropractic techniques. This entire website is dedicated to helping you understand the full scope of what our team can do to help you. We encourage you to explore our website and make your appointment to meet the team and see for yourself why we have been voted the Best Chiropractor in Parker County!

Specializing in Chiropractic Wellness, Car Injuries, Concussions and Sports Rehabilitation

Choosing the right path is important. By offering different specialties in our office, it does give an opportunity to help a wide range of people, all in different circumstances.

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Everyone on the staff was very pleasant and professional. They were all very respectful. This was my first visit and I felt very comfortable. The doctors actually listen to you and do their best to get a true understanding for your condition. No rushing you around and just trying to get you out of there. On the same hand, they are also very punctual. I was not stuck in a room for long periods of time being ignored. They are a very very busy office with lots of people coming and going and handle it very well. The organization of each and every section had a wow factor to it! Just as important, the facility is very clean and uplifting with great decor!!! I am absolutely thrilled with my first visit. Will definitely recommend to everyone!!!

Missy Wilson


I’ve only been going here for a couple weeks, but everyone is super friendly and attentive. I’ve been experiencing some pretty severe neck pain, and they have been really helpful and understanding. Always willing to listen to me complain about my pain. 🤣 As well as very prompt in getting me any referrals I have needed so far. I trust that they have me on the right path to get some relief soon. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Madison are both super nice. Sarah at the front is always so welcoming and sweet. I feel like I’m in good hands!

Candice pope


Great and amazing staff. I took my boyfriend for an appt and mentioned my pain on my legs asked if they could take a look and scheduled me for next day! Had x-rays done and have follow up for next day! So far so good along with my boyfriends experience he said that he liked them for same reasoning the quick attention given! 10/10 👍🏼

Maria Lira-Mora


I have been in chiropractic care for many years. Upon moving to Weatherford, I found McAfee Chiropractic. I can truly say that the care I’ve received here is truly the best I’ve ever had. Dr. Wilson & Dr. Madison are the best. Dr Wilson developed a treatment course that has given me more mobility & also has decreased my headaches & chronic neck/back pain. The office employees are very knowledgeable & accommodating. This office runs like well oiled machine! So, SO happy to have found this wonderful place & I recommend it every time that I have a chance. Truly the best.

Judy Russell


I’m really grateful to this establishment and its Staff for the level of care and concern they exhibit on a daily basis. I’ve been going three days a week for the past 3 months, and they‘ve always made me feel like family (whereas most places nowadays barely remember your name or ailment). My pain level has decreased and mobility has increased, I’ve also noticed interesting results that I wasn’t expecting - better circulation, better digestion, even some weight loss. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend anywhere but McAfee for chiropractic care. It’s a clean, well-run, quaint office with an atmosphere of genuine care and empathy for the clientele. I appreciate them greatly, and I know I’m not alone in that aspect.

Meredith Hoffmann