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McAfee Chiropractic is proud to be serving Parker County and the surrounding since 2011. We are committed to providing exceptional care for you and your family. Chiropractic care can be beneficial for many people with a variety of heath conditions. Even those relatively healthy individuals with few, if any, health conditions can benefit from chiropractic. We take pride in helping patients achieve their maximum health potential through gentle, safe and effective chiropractic techniques. This entire website is dedicated to helping you understand the full scope of what our team can do to help you. We encourage you to explore our website and make your appointment to meet the team and see for yourself why we have been voted the Best Chiropractor in Parker County!

Specializing in Chiropractic Wellness, Car Injuries, Concussions and Sports Rehabilitation

Choosing the right path is important. By offering different specialties in our office, it does give an opportunity to help a wide range of people, all in different circumstances.

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First of all the office staff were Superb! These ladies were very kind patient and detailed. They asked me for specifics on why I was having trouble and they showed true concerns. When I expressed an issue they asked even more questions to get to the root of the problem. Asking who, what, when, where and how? And Dr. McAfee was AWESOME! I have never had an adjustment that was so relieving until this appointment. Highly recommend and we be returning in the future. So pleased!!

Tammie Crockett


I was really hurting. My shoulder was out of place. Dr. Gard took time to talk with me. He didn’t rush. I was given pre-adjustment with tens unit and heat. The adjustment then was done with great consideration. I feel so much better!!! I live almost 4 hours away but I will come back as needed. All the staff was professional. Thank you!!

Carol Evans


After experiencing joint and back pain over 30+ years, I began trying to find a solution to make the days a little better and be able to enjoy outdoor activities with my grandkids. I was very skeptical that there was a fix and pain management was not an option at all! Over the years I broke my back in two separate locations and have a several vertebrae fused together stopping the motion needed to bend and lean forward, my neck has 2 vertebrae fused together that reduce my neck from a full range of motion left and right, and up and down, surgery on both shoulders that has caused my range of motion and strength to slightly diminish, and a full knee replacement that was causing lower back and leg aches. My wife saw an advertisement for McAfee Chiropractic and suggested I try it. Like all good men who run their homes I said nope, and 2 days later I went to the appointment she set for me at McAfee Chiropractic in Weatherford. After a full examination including a full battery of x-rays, and a complete review of my medical history, a rehabilitation plan was specifically designed to meet my symptoms. I have had nothing but a wonderful experience at McAfee Chiropractic at the Weatherford location. The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and go out of their way to accommodate my schedule. Once I began my program, I had remarkable results, almost eliminating my issues. I knew that putting off being seen for 3 decades all my issues would not go away and that was my fault. I had little hope my symptoms would improve but have been pleasantly surprised as to my results. I have not seen any cookie-cutter approach to treating anyone’s symptoms. I have recommended McAfee Chiropractic to several of my friends and family and each of them have had the same experiences as I have. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing any mobility issues. Do not put it off like did. Bill Cooper Brock, Texas

Bill Cooper


The doctors and everyone that works there are just wonderful people. They’re very kind. When I went in for my consultation, the doctor put up x-rays so I could see what was wrong and what needed to be fixed and he explained it in detail and where I could understand it, I like all the details that they do and how they take care of us.

Cristyn Baker


Do not go to this Chiropractor. I went in with terrible pack pain needed a spine decompression the first day he took X-rays then had to go back the next day where this Chiropractor sat me down and said I had to go see him for 36 months 2Xs a week before he could extend my spine and I had to pay $3000 out of pocket even though I have Medicare and secondary insurance and I also told him I’m on disability and I couldn’t afford the ridiculous amount of $3000 . He said I will look at your insurance and let you know what it would cost you out of pocket after both my insurance and that he would call me. That was 1 week ago. I called the next business day because I had not heard from him I was told he has your file and will call you shortly he didn’t. Waited 2 days then called again and was told he would call me in an hour. He never did while I’m in excruciating pain waiting for him to call. 2 days later today on 3/14/23 I called again office was closed spoke to reception from other office that answers phone for them voice my anger and disappointment she took notes down to send to him. He better not charge me anything for X-rays or services because according to him my insurance covers the first 12 visits and I had one visit to take X-rays and second visit was for him to tell me I had to go for 36 months 2 X a week before he could decompress my spine and pay $3000 even with both insurance . The first day he did not do any adjustments hooked me up to electros n heating pad for 10 min. I have never ever had to pay this ridiculous amount for Chiropractor because my insurance would cover adjustments. Please don’t go to him he will drain your wallet. I have made an appointment with another Chiropractor who will decompress my spine and adjust my spine without making me jump through hoops and wait 36 weeks before he takes care of the problem. Please for your own sake look at the low rating reviews and you will see many more patients have the same thing to say about this horrible Chiropractor and his practice. Do not go by the 5 star reviews I believe that those are false. It is absolutely disgusting that he would do this and treat ppl like this. I believe that the reason he never got back to me was because he knew I wouldn’t be able to pay $3000 on top of my insurance covers. He is not someone that cares about patients in pain or to resolve the issue he just sees $$$$$ signs. I hope you guys do your research and if you do go in and he tells you what he has told many other patients I hope you ll write a review to warn other. My friend referred me to APEX CHIROPRACTIC I hope I said the correct name she said you go in tell them what’s in pain and he takes care of the issue at hand won’t give you the run around and insurance covers the bill. So next week I’m going to get my spine decompressed by them without waiting 36 weeks. This is sooooo bad. I wish I hadn’t waisted my time with this chiropractor.